I am 14 and have a standing ticket but no ID, what should I do?

Customers who appear to look under the age of 14 years that arrive at a live music concert with a standing ticket and cannot prove they are 14 years or over may be refused entry.

If you do not have photographic ID as listed in the section above we strongly advise you bring as much proof of name, age and address as possible, it will then be the Duty Manager who represents the license in force on the day who will make the decision to admit you to the premises in line with the statutory duties for which they are responsible.

If you are nervous about bringing your ID, such as your Passport, to a concert we will accept a clear photo taken on your phone, though please note should the photo not be clear or seems to be photoshopped and / or edited you may be refused entry.

A responsible guardian will be called to collect you if a decision is made that you are under the age of 14. No refund will be given in this instance.