Why can't I bring in my reusable water bottle?

For all events at the venue drinks will either be decanted (into a cup) or cans will be opened. This is industry standard because closed drinks receptacles have previously been used as projectiles (causing harm to both artists and audience members), they have caused slips, trips and falls when dropped in a crowd as a bottle with a lid or closed can is not crushable underfoot.

We are always looking at ways to make our water offering more sustainable. We have installed water fountains around the venue and the bars serve free tap water to customers. We have also recently changed from using single use plastic bottles to cans for our water and soft drinks.

Our current water partner is Life Water who are local and work with the Drop4drop charity. Through our water purchases we have now helped towards two clean water projects. The first in the Kiguli Village, Uganda and the second of has just began in West Bengal, India.