How do I get information about shows coming up or access to presales?

Whether you're into music gigs, comedy acts, classical concerts, live theatre shows, exhibitions or good old fashioned family entertainment, you should sign up for information about upcoming events at the Brighton Centre; we'll also send you a monthly newsletter – please note that this facility is run by the Brighton Centre on Ticketmaster software.

We’d also advise you follow us on social media as we post out announcements, on sale dates and extra ticket releases via both Facebook and Twitter.

Presales are a little different, these are sent to people who have booked for the same artist before, or booked for a similar live show, at the Brighton Centre only (we don’t have access to customer data from other venues or ticket agents). One of the reasons for targeting certain groups of customers is to avoid "spamming" people with information which will not be of interest to them, and this decision is steered by the promoter, i.e. they will say to which groups of customers they would like the email sent.